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literally everything is wrong and i’m freaking out and everyone has a better life than me. i’m so damn weak. no matter how hard i try i fail. i’m fucking useless.

— 22 hours ago

ughhhhhhhhhhh fuck my life i just want someone here to tell me everything’s gonna be okay but as usual i am all alone and nobody gives a shit about my whiny ass i don’t even know why i exist sometimes…

— 22 hours ago
let’s see whats wrong with me right now

- i may have to move back home soon

- moving home = giving up all my freedom 

- i may not find a sub-leaser before nov. 1

- i hate my job and i hope i get the one i’m interviewing for tomorrow

- i am totally undesirable by anyone i find attractive

- 23 and still a fucking virgin

- low ass self esteem

- passive aggressive 

- worst straight girl in history; can’t identify flirtatious moments and shies away from anybody who may or may not be possibly interested

- assumes people are bothered by her and therefore do not even attempt 

- can someone please shoot me?

— 22 hours ago


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